Veterans Care

Proudly protecting the independence and dignity of our nation’s heroes.

Committed to providing you with the peaceful retirement you’ve earned.

The retirement years of those who have served should be marked by dignity, comfort and belonging. However, for veterans whose years of service are etched with valor and sacrifice, life as a citizen can prove challenging. Depending on their experiences, the transition to normalcy and everyday life can be a long-term endeavor—one that continues well into their senior years. 

At HomeWell, we’ve found that the comfort of home can make all the difference for our esteemed soldiers who seek to age gracefully. For these individuals, maintaining autonomy is not just a preference; it’s a testament to the resilience that defines them. By bringing care directly to their doorstep, senior veterans can enjoy the familiarity of their own space while receiving the individualized care they need.

Our role in veterans care:

Our service-driven approach is rooted in the values of perseverance, respect, dignity and honor as we support veterans and their families, ultimately helping our community thrive through exceptional in-home care services. We thoughtfully consider the individual needs of each veteran entrusted to our care to develop a highly personalized plan that takes into account their physical, mental and emotional well-being at home. 

We also extend a helping hand to veterans and their families as they navigate their finances. We understand that paying out of pocket often hinders them from pursuing non-medical home care. However, if your loved one is enrolled in health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or has a monthly VA pension, they may be eligible to receive coverage for assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) at HomeWell. 

Consider HomeWell’s veteran care to help your loved one: 

  • Age in an environment where they feel the most secure
  • Maintain a greater sense of control over their daily activities 
  • Experience more flexibility and customization in their care
  • Maximize their eligible benefits for support with activities of daily living

We’re passionate about helping our veterans receive the care and benefits they’ve earned

If your veteran loved one needs at-home support, we’re here to help. Simply contact our office, and we’ll arrange a consultation to work with your loved one and your family to craft a care plan that cultivates a happier, healthier life at home.