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Empowering communities across America through home care education and outreach.

We are committed to enlightening seniors, families, referral partners, and communities with valuable knowledge on caring for their well-being through our HomeWell Cares™ Community Education Initiative. This initiative offers informative events and program materials covering various health, wellness, and safety issues prevalent among our senior population. Our goal is to cultivate awareness, enabling individuals to understand how to bolster their health, identify potential problems, and navigate the challenges and risks associated with these public health concerns.

HomeWell Cares Topics

We provide education services on the following topics. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our HomeWell Cares initiative or plan an educational event.

Stroke awareness

The fifth leading cause of death in the United States, a stroke can happen to anyone at any age when blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off. Brain cells are then deprived of oxygen and begin to die. Prompt treatment is crucial in minimizing brain damage and limiting potential complications. While a stroke occurs unexpectedly, recognizing the signs and symptoms of one can allow you to take appropriate action and potentially save a life.

Senior isolation and depression

Senior isolation is a term used to describe feelings of loneliness and depression coupled with a lack of socialization often experienced by older adults. A striking 43% of seniors admit to regularly feeling lonely, and within this group, 59% face an increased risk of functional decline, while there’s a 45% greater risk of mortality. At HomeWell, we believe it is important to recognize that senior loneliness, isolation, and depression is more than just a social problem—it’s a serious public health issue that demands our attention.

Heart health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. When people talk about heart disease, they are usually talking about Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), also called Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Typically, a blocked artery can cause chest pain or a heart attack. Through our education initiative, we help people learn how to identify signs of heart disease and the steps and lifestyle choices they can make to prevent it.

Fall prevention

Do you or a loved one fear falling or feel unsteady when walking? Have you experienced a fall within the past three months? If you answered yes to any of these, you or your loved one may be at risk of experiencing a fall in the near future. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to reduce this risk significantly. Through our HomeWell Cares initiative, we help you identify and remove hazards that can lead to a devastating slip or tumble and feel more confident as you navigate your home environment. 

Senior financial fraud awareness

Seniors are estimated to lose at least $2.6 billion annually to financial abuse, with only one in forty-four cases reported. Learn how to recognize the signs of financial abuse and reduce the likelihood of this continuing to wreak havoc across our senior population. You’ll gain insights into what makes seniors particularly vulnerable and how they can protect themselves from falling victim. 

Educational downloads to share with your loved ones

Caring for a loved one can be a tough journey, but you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’re a family caregiver, a professional caregiver or could use some guidance as a concerned family member or friend, HomeWell’s Trusted Tips and Trusted Guides are free resources you can download and share with your loved ones or anyone in your care community.

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