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HomeWell is committed to helping people live life more fully. With a highly personalized care management approach, we strive to provide the highest quality of care in the place where clients feel most comfortable.

Caregiver and Client
Caregiver Consulting Client

What you can expect from our comprehensive assessment process

Whether you have an urgent need or are planning care for a loved one in advance, you can expect the following during our assessment process:

  1. Schedule a consultation with our Care Manager
  2. In-home visit to fully assess the individual care needs
  3. Caregiver and client matching
  4. Create a customized care plan
  5. Collaborate with healthcare partners as needed and begin services
  6. Provide ongoing support & care adjustments as needed

Our featured services

Our team is highly experienced in the complexities and nuances of home care. We provide a focus on the following services in addition to our robust list of in-home care support options:

Companion Care

HomeWell caregivers specialize in more than just the practical needs of daily life; they provide friendship. Our most affordable level of in-home care provides both companionship and assistance with basic tasks to make life at home easier and more enjoyable.

Personal Care

Everyday tasks can become too demanding for an aging senior or one suffering from an injury or other medical condition. Our Personal Care plans are designed to meet the needs of those who function independently but need a little help with certain aspects of daily life.

Specialty Care
When your loved one has a severe medical condition, our Specialty Care plans combine the benefits of Companion Care and Personal Care with advanced support from caregivers trained to provide care for life’s more challenging circumstances.

Care on your schedule

Every client and their family has unique needs when it comes to frequency of care, so we provide a range of options to help find the right fit.

Hourly Care

Hourly Care

For families who only require a helping hand during specific times each week or need a personal respite to rest and recoup, hourly care may be the perfect solution.

24-Hour Care

24-Hour Care

Experience comfort in knowing your loved one is being monitored and cared for around the clock. Our 24-hour care offers exceptional support any time of day and night.

Live-in Care

Live-In Care

A convenient alternative to an assisted living or independent living facility, your loved one can enjoy the undivided attention of a trusted caregiver living in their home.

Caregiver giving client consultation

Help navigating your coverage

At HomeWell, we understand that costs play a significant role in choosing the best care solution for your loved one. As you assess your financials, our experts can help you determine the scope of your benefits coverage and the most cost-effective payment methods for your family’s unique needs.

Simply contact our office, and we’ll walk you through your options and aid you as you seek to maximize your coverage for any eligible benefits.

Explore our service options

Fall prevention

Fall Prevention

We are committed to preventing falls by identifying and removing potential hazards in our clients’ homes and bolstering their physical and mental health through activity, engagement and more.

Low Vision

Low Vision

For those with visual impairments, HomeWell implements a multi-pronged care solution complete with a home safety evaluation with visual enhancements, along with assistance in scheduling eye care appointments, help with housekeeping and more.

Couples Care

Couples Care

HomeWell provides affordable in-home care for couples who are elderly or incapacitated, allowing them to enjoy one another’s company and companionship without the stress of completing daily tasks around the house or being solely responsible for each other’s care. 

Hospice Support

Hospice Support

We work in tandem with your loved one’s hospice care provider to support their care plan while relieving you from the demands of caregiving so you can spend more quality time with each other during their final days.

Palliative Support

Palliative Support

Our expert Care Manager and in-home caregivers are trained in chronic disease support, serving as an extension of your palliative care team to help manage your loved one’s symptoms at home and bring emotional comfort.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

We can help your loved one gain a greater sense of comfort and understanding of their environment by promoting healthy routines and assisting them around the house while monitoring their cognitive awareness to keep you apprised of any changes.

Respite Care

Respite Care

For families feeling overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving, our respite care services can give you a much-needed break to recoup while experiencing peace of mind in knowing your loved one is in the hands of a well-trained, compassionate care professional.

Chronic conditions

Chronic Conditions

From medication reminders to symptom monitoring and more, we can craft a custom care plan to meet your loved one’s needs while enhancing their quality of life to help ease the burden of their chronic illness.



When your loved one must venture beyond their front door, we can help provide safe and reliable transportation for travel to and from appointments, errands or even for special events within their community. 

Transitional Care

Transitional Care

HomeWell’s Transitional Care is the perfect bridge between the hospital and independent life at home by partnering with your healthcare provider following discharge to ensure a healthy and safe recovery.

Elderly Support

Elderly Support

HomeWell provides personalized care for seniors who wish to age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes. We help them maintain their independence and quality of life, ensuring they receive the assistance they need when they need it.

Young Adults

Adults Under 65

Home care is for anyone having trouble functioning on their own. We extend our care expertise to young adults in recovery following a procedure, adjusting to a new normal after experiencing trauma or managing a chronic condition.

Young Adults

Facility Support

If your loved one resides in an independent living or long-term care facility, our team can provide additional assistance and personalized attention to supplement the services they receive and enhance their support for activities of daily living.

Discover HomeWell’s Signature Programs

GoHomeWell™ Post Medical Program

The first days and weeks after a hospital stay are crucial to recovery. Our GoHomeWell program’s custom plan aligns with the hospital’s discharge order to help gradually regain strength and independence at home.

GoHomeWell Post Medical Program
SureStep Fall Prevention Program

SureStep™ Fall Prevention Program

One slip can result in a devastating fall that affects your loved one’s quality of life. To protect their wellbeing, our SureStep’s in-home risk assessment and custom care plan addresses fall hazards to help them safely navigate the home.

Life Enrichment Activities Program

Social isolation is an unfortunate reality for many seniors living at home; fortunately, it doesn’t have to be for your loved one. Our LEAP™ program enables them to enjoy more of the things they love with a trusted, reliable companion.

HomeWell LEAP Video

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