For safe and reliable ventures beyond the front porch. 

Understanding your transportation needs.

As we age, staying mobile and maintaining independence can seem almost synonymous, as the ability to safely come and go from home can make or break one’s ability to age in place. Whether traveling to and from appointments, attending community events or completing errands, transportation is a part of everyday life. It’s a necessary component of independence and a crucial factor to consider as your loved one seeks to enjoy the comforts of home in their golden years. 

Unfortunately, the limitations many older adults face, such as physical conditions, visual or hearing impairments, side effects of medications and even factors like slowed reflexes and reaction time, can pose significant risks behind the wheel.

Empowering seniors through secure transportation.

At HomeWell Care Services, we are in the business of improving quality of life, and we understand that the ability to travel when needed is crucial not just for physical health but for mental outlook and social engagement. When a client must leave the home or needs medications, groceries, or other items to be picked up, HomeWell can be there to assist.

We can help provide safe and reliable transportation to your care plan for: 

  • Medical appointments
  • Performing light errands
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Attending community events, sports games, and religious services and activities
  • And more, depending on other factors of consideration

You or your loved one may benefit from transportation support if:

  • Vision or hearing loss is hindering your ability to navigate safely
  • The inability to leave the home has affected quality of life
  • You have frequent, ongoing appointments and other obligations that require transportation

We’re here for you and ready to help

Simply contact our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific requirements. From there, we’ll work with you and your family to help you navigate the transportation needs of your loved one and determine if we can include transportation in their care plan.