Adding quality of life to at-home living.

Sometimes a client has a short-term special need or simply desires to get a little more out of life. That’s why we offer Special Programs to augment our various Levels of Care plans. Our knowledgeable Care Managers can help you determine whether one of our Special Programs would be beneficial for you.


Living life more fully.

At HomeWell, we believe that there’s so much more to life than simply existing. Our Life Enrichment & Activities Program (or LEAP) enhances senior care with activities designed to eliminate boredom and vastly improve enjoyment of life. Our thorough assessment of each client’s abilities allows us to provide engagement opportunities for any client, regardless of limitations. After all, you’re never too old to try something new.... 


Proactively preventing injury and decline.

Staying active is a key component to both physical and emotional wellness. However, when older adults fear falling, they often limit their activities and social engagements, which can cause further decline. Our SureStep program is designed to identify when a client is a potential fall risk and then works with the client and family to reduce that risk and prevent future falls, keeping the client active and engaged. ... 

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Easing back into independent life.

Seniors can often be at high risk to relapse following a medical trauma. An acute hospital or rehab stay can be stressful, but sometimes returning home can cause even more anxiety. Plus, the lack of transitional support can lead to repeated falls, injury, malnutrition, loneliness and medication non-compliance. Our Go HomeWell Post-Medical Program eases anxiety and is specifically designed to help the client remain independent at home and avoid the risk of readmission. The Go HomeWell program front-loads care, providing clients with more support in the beginning, gradually working them towards becoming more independent.... 

Find out if one of our Special Programs is right for you.

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