Our GoHomeWell™ Post Medical Care Program

Let’s rebuild your independence together.


The first days and weeks after a hospital stay are critical in ensuring a safe, healthy transition home. Leaving the structured environment of a hospital room with around-the-clock assistance and a dedicated nursing staff to return home without the same everyday support can unfortunately make a relapse or return to the hospital inevitable. During this period, seniors are also at a greater risk of suffering falls, injury, malnutrition, loneliness, medication noncompliance, and relocation stress syndrome. Consequently, one in five is typically readmitted to the hospital within 30 days.¹

Fortunately, most readmissions can be prevented with proper care and support.

At HomeWell, we believe assistance during the transition home significantly improves long-term outcomes for the individual in recovery and their family. Our GoHomeWell Signature™ Program is designed with you and your family’s future in mind, with a custom care plan aligned with your discharge order to help you recover safely at home after staying at the hospital or rehab facility and reduce your risk of readmission. 

GoHomeWell focuses on four main areas:

Risk Identification and Management 
We spot complications and proactively address the key drivers of readmission through our risk screening toolkit. 

Care Management Oversight
We administer care according to special instructions given after discharge or in follow-up appointments.

Better Communication
We can facilitate regular communication between you, your family and other healthcare providers.

Constant Improvement
We track your progress to help ensure continued improvement and lasting results.

1: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Consider our GoHomeWell program if you or your loved one has recently experienced:

  • An extended hospital or rehab facility stay
  • Falls or related injury
  • Surgical procedures
  • Automotive accident
  • Difficulty with daily tasks due to casts, slings or crutches

Your GoHomeWell care plan may include the following:

Companion Care

Welcome home cleaning

We freshen up your home to make it safe and comforting again, and help with light housekeeping tasks that you can’t manage yet.

Companion Care

Food facelift

We remove food items that have exceeded their shelf life, and replenish your home with nutritious foods that promote better health.  

Companion Care

Medication reminders

It’s easy to forget to take medication. We’ll remind you so that you can stay on track with your recovery.

Companion Care

Daily living support

The simplest tasks can be a challenge after a hospital stay. We can help with bathing, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, and more.  

Companion Care

Risk assessment

We ensure that you return home in safety with our GoHomeWell risk assessment, which pinpoints common causes of hospital readmission.  

Companion Care

Physician appointments

We remind and encourage you to attend follow-up appointments. We can even drive you there and stay by your side.   

Companion Care

Meal preparation

Whether it’s accommodating dietary restrictions, adhering to medical guidelines, or simply creating delicious and satisfying dishes, we’ve got you covered in the kitchen.

Companion Care

Pet assistance

Our dedicated caregivers will be there to help care for your furry companions, allowing you to enjoy the joys of pet ownership without the stress.

Companion Care


We go the extra mile with transportation assistance, performing errands on your behalf or helping you venture beyond your doorstep when you’re able.

Your intuitive, adaptive care plan

Experience the difference in a care plan that truly supports your unique recovery needs, including:

  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring
  • A holistic care approach to supplement your discharge orders
  • Liaising between you and your family and service providers

With GoHomeWell, your care adjusts to address your individual requirements during the recovery journey, with our dedicated caregivers delivering maximal support right after your discharge and tapering it as you regain strength and independence. This approach ensures you receive the necessary assistance without interrupting your rehabilitation process.

We’re here for you and ready to help

Simply contact our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your care needs as you or your loved one returns to life at home. From there, we’ll put together a dynamic care plan that is mindful of both your discharge orders and your well-being throughout your recovery to help ensure a smooth and successful transition.