A HomeWell Agency Goes Above and Beyond to Grant a Wish


By HomeWell Care Services

May 5, 2021

A HomeWell Agency Goes Above and Beyond to Grant a Wish
A HomeWell Agency Goes Above and Beyond to Grant a Wish

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Amanda Rossbach, the Executive Director of HomeWell Care Services in Columbus, OH, is familiar with working with clients and families on a daily basis to ensure their needs are being met. Rossbach has been with HomeWell since February 2018. Her role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the agency, including managing the care managers, sales professionals, and marketing staff members. Upon hearing about a special wish that one of their clients wanted, Amanda sprang into action to help.

The Wish

Amanda Faulks is a Care Manager at the Columbus, OH location and had learned that her client of a year and a half had a very special wish to be able to be at the beach again. The simple act of hearing, smelling, and seeing the ocean was one that was not attainable for the client due to advanced health conditions. Not being able to travel prevents so many homebound individuals from being able to visit the places and people they have in the past. And this often takes a toll on family and other loved ones as they miss traveling with their family or having them visit. Such was the case with this particular client whose daughter lives in Florida and hasn’t received a visit from her mom in quite some time.

Uplifting Care

Faulks was determined to bring the ocean to her client. And this isn’t the first time the Care Manager has gotten creative. She often makes crafts for her clients’ anniversaries or birthdays. She has a client that loves the casino but couldn’t go because of COVID-19 restrictions. So Faulks purchased a mini slot machine for the client to be able to play at home. The entire staff is known to take their dogs for visits with clients who love dogs. They’ve also instituted ‘honk parades’ for the nursing home facilities they partner. For Faulks, caregiving is in her blood. Her mom was a hospice caregiver and Faulks learned from her mom that bringing joy to clients is the most important skill in caregiving.

United to Help

Rossbach and Faulks reached out for help knowing that there are many HomeWell Care Services agencies in Florida. The other HomeWell agencies were eager to help. Kevin Walters, owner in Gateway, went to the beach to collect sand and ocean water. Christie Ramirez Castro, of Sarasota, shipped a beautiful life-sized mural of the Siesta Key sunset. Rick Collier, of Nashville and also a Florida native, sent a special photo from his life in Florida. David Schloss, owner in Palm Beach, sent a white noise machine with ocean sounds to round out the full experience.

“What started as a wish-granting experience for my client quickly turned into a heartwarming experience for me as well. It shows me how much HomeWell truly cares about our clients and employees and how we are part of a network of HomeWell Heroes across the country,” said Faulks.

With HomeWell, our clients don’t just get a caregiver placed in the home. Our goal is to create compassionate care that provides peace of mind to our clients and their families. Life is not just about simply existing. Finding joy, excitement and feeling the sand between your toes is what truly lifts us up.

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