Go beyond everyday care with our Signature™ Programs

Designed by industry experts, HomeWell’s Signature Programs take a proactive approach to navigating common challenges of life at home, such as fall prevention, loneliness, and post-medical recovery.

Protecting independence and quality of life for the long term

HomeWell’s Signature Programs can be used alone or as an enhancement to existing care plans. Our Care Manager can help determine if a Signature Program would be a good fit for you or your loved one.

Companion Care

For families who need help ensuring a loved one’s wellbeing during a transition home from the hospital or rehab facility, GoHomeWell™ focuses on aiding their recovery at home with a tapered care plan to help regain their independence while also reducing the risk of a hospital readmission.

Companion Care

For families whose loved ones are at risk of suffering a fall at home, SureStep™ is uniquely designed and administered by an expert Care Manager and senior safety team to prevent a devastating slip or tumble from occurring and help them safely navigate the home.

Companion Care

For families with a loved one who feels isolated at home, our Life Enrichment Activities Program counteracts their loneliness and its harmful effects with a personalized schedule of their favorite activities to enjoy with a compassionate caregiver.

We’re dedicated to creating a happier, healthier life at home

Our Signature Programs are designed to safeguard and strengthen long-term wellbeing for those who need help with serious health and wellness challenges they can’t navigate alone.

Tackles loneliness, isolation & depression

Fills gaps in existing care

Aids in developing longer independence and improved health

Reduction in emergency care

Increases activity & engagement

Collaborative with clients' care providers

Our Signature Programs are:


HomeWell identified some of the most severe home care challenges  and developed distinct care programs to help manage them effectively.


We anticipate and mitigate potential health risks to reduce hospital readmissions that could have been prevented through proper care.

Expertly designed

Our programs are data-driven and developed by industry experts with decades of clinical and home care experience.


Our Care Managers can communicate with you and your loved one’s healthcare team to ensure the best long-term outcomes.

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