Fall Prevention

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Empowering seniors to age in place.

Everyone values their independence. Unfortunately, for older adults, one slip or tumble is all it takes to jeopardize their ability to function on their own. A bad fall can be the unfortunate catalyst for a chain of physical complications, mobility challenges, and a gradual decline in quality of life. Fortunately, through proactive action, their everyday life can be preserved, including the ability to age gracefully from the comfort of home. 

What is Fall Prevention?

Effective fall prevention is more than just responding to the risk of falls; it’s a multifaceted approach encompassing several elements of daily living to contribute to a healthier, safer environment. From removing potential hazards around the house to assessing habits and lifestyles, fall prevention is a solution to bolster not just the physical health but also the mental outlook of seniors to provide the best long-term outcomes. 

It should also be highly personalized. For fall prevention to work, the care provider must consider the unique needs and circumstances of the individual entrusted to their care and address each through a custom plan to reduce the likelihood of experiencing a fall at home.

Introducing SureStep™️:

At HomeWell Care Services, we understand how important it is for seniors to continue to move without fear. That’s why we created SureStep, our Signature Program dedicated to fall prevention. If you are looking for a comprehensive care solution to fall prevention that’s highly personalized for your loved one, look no further than SureStep.

Consider fall prevention if you or your loved one:

  • Experiences balance or mobility issues
  • Lives alone or spends significant time alone
  • Has a history of falls or near-falls
  • Has vision or hearing impairments
  • Shows signs of reduced physical strength
  • Demonstrates a fear of falling or lack of confidence in mobility

SureStep™ Fall Prevention Program

Purposefully designed to protect older adults from experiencing a fall at home, SureStep identifies and mitigates fall risks holistically through activity, engagement and more. The care process starts with an in-home assessment by an expert Care Manager who observes the home environment and assesses several other factors, including medication, physical activity and more, to create a custom plan for your family. 

If you or a loved one is concerned about falling at home, discover how SureStep can make all the difference. Follow the link below to learn more about our Signature Program, or contact our office today to speak with a representative.


Trusted Tip: Fall Prevention

How can you reduce the likelihood of your loved one experiencing a fall? Download our free Trusted Tips on fall prevention to uncover common risk factors and learn what you can do now to help safeguard their well-being at home.

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