5 Ways to Stay Connected with Long-Distance Loved Ones


By HomeWell Care Services

July 18, 2022

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Long-Distance Loved Ones
5 Ways to Stay Connected with Long-Distance Loved Ones

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Do you worry about the physical and mental health of your aging parent or loved one while you’re away? Staying in touch with loved ones becomes especially important as they grow older, as being alone for extended periods could leave them feeling lonely and isolated.  

Luckily, checking in and keeping your family members engaged doesn’t have to be a worrisome task. Technology could help make checking in and staying up to date easier than ever. If you are looking for some fun, effective ways to stay connected with your loved one, you’ll love these quick tips:

1. Video Chats 

Devices such as the GrandPad can be easier to use than traditional tablets with a simplified interface that allows seniors to easily make video calls with loved ones. Video chats can also help you keep visual track of any physical changes while creating lasting memories.  

Not sure what to do on your next video call? Try gathering the grandkids together and having a virtual game night; this will surely put a smile on your parents’ faces.  

2. Join family celebrations

While they may not be able to physically be present to celebrate with the family, they can virtually still be there. It’s important to remember to include your loved ones in fun celebrations, anniversaries, and other special occasions that can bring them joy. 

The next time your kid has a birthday celebration, try making a quick video call to your family. This lets them know you were thinking of them and will make them feel like they’re a part of the event.

3. Phone Calls, Texts, and Email 

If your senior loved ones are a little less tech-savvy, a simple phone call or text message may be the perfect solution for you. Consider setting them up with a senior-friendly Jitterbug cellphone to help them better navigate the calling and texting functions. 

Most seniors enjoy reading new books or listening to audiobooks. Why not start scheduling a regular call with your loved one to talk about their book choice of the month? 

4. Host a Game Night

Does your family enjoy a little friendly competition? Game apps such as Scrabble Go or Words with Friends offer a fun way for your family to connect. Games are also proven to help stimulate brain activity and reduce the risk of dementia for seniors.  

Having fun on word apps isn’t just limited to adults. Scrabble Go is perfect for kids who are learning to spell. So, in your next game, consider having the kids spell out a special message to their grandparents as a part of their wordplay.  

5. Keep it Traditional

Some older adults aren’t fans of modern technology, and that’s okay.  Writing and receiving letters can often invoke feelings of nostalgia for seniors since letter writing would most likely have been a popular activity during their younger years.  

Sending photos or drawings from the kids with your letter from time to time can brighten their day. The next time you celebrate a big milestone, don’t forget to snap a picture to print and send it their way. Receiving sentimental items from you can help them feel connected to and loved by their family.  

If your loved one starts showing signs of needing extra help as they grow older, it may be time to start researching different care options. Click here to learn about which options can be tailored to fit your loved one’s needs.  

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