24-Hour Care

Providing compassionate, personalized support around the clock.

Discover the advantages of continuous, uninterrupted care.

Many families find comfort in the 24-hour support provided by our caregivers as their loved ones navigate the intricacies of daily living. Whether it’s a helping hand during the day or a watchful presence at night, this level of ongoing attention offers the support they need to safely live at home while providing you the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and well-cared for at all times. 

24-Hour Care also allows us to cater better to diverse needs, such as addressing the confusion between days and nights for those with dementia or the unexpected disruptions caused by midnight incontinence. And when temporary support is essential, such as when family and friends are away, a caregiver can always be present to help a loved one remain at home and provide some much-needed companionship.

What services are included in 24-Hour Care?

HomeWell’s 24-Hour Care program provides changing shifts of attentive in-home assistance around the clock to ensure your loved one feels at home in their own home any time of day or night.

24-hour care services can include:

  • Companionship
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming or toileting)
  • Continence care
  • Fall prevention and ambulation assistance
  • Cognitive support
  • And more, depending on the level of care needed

Consider 24-Hour Care if your loved one:

  • Experiences challenges with daily living tasks during both day and night
  • Requires assistance with activities like meal preparation, personal hygiene, and continence care on a continuous basis
  • Lives alone either permanently or temporarily and could benefit from a watchful presence and some companionship
  • Has specialized care needs that warrant consistent attention and assistance

We’re here for you and ready to help

HomeWell can provide continuous support for your loved one through highly personalized 24-Hour Care tailored to their and your family’s unique needs. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and discuss your care requirements.